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14 Day Fat Loss Plan
14 Day Fat Loss Plan
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is 14 Day Fat Loss Plan and why does it work so well?

5-15 minutes of bodyweight exercise per day, a 14 day diet plan with one simple rule to follow for the first 6 days, and a couple of focused audios to train your mind for success. Plus, it's all Body Type specific, which makes the results unprecedented when it comes to achieving rapid fat loss and physique results within just 2 weeks.

Who is it for?

Young or old. Beginner, intermediate, or advanced. It seems to work for everyone, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or level of background with eating well or exercise.

How much does 14 Day Fat Loss Plan cost and why is it so much less expensive than other programs that make similar claims?

$1 per day for 14 days (or just $14). We priced it like this to allow as many people as possible to experience the benefits of 14 Day Fat Loss Plan. We intend for you to experience results like improved posture, better oxygenation to your muscles, organs, and brain, increased happiness, and more fulfillment with your life. All the while, improving your metabolism and achieving some of, if not the fastest fat loss results you've ever heard of or seen.

Will I have to buy expensive supplements or join a gym in order to do 14 Day Fat Loss Plan?

No. Natural eating is the way to go. There are no supplements required or even suggested in 14 Day Fat Loss Plan. And no gym membership is required, since every exercise is bodyweight alone.

Are weights required in order to do any of the exercises?

No. There are only five exercises and they are all bodyweight only.

How much time does 14 Day Fat Loss Plan take every day?

5-15 minutes, depending upon the day. Plus, anytime you could use a boost in mindset, you're welcome to listen to the goal setting and mindset audios, which are about 15 minutes each... although, that's easy to do on the go with some headphones in your ears, while you're in traffic or on your way to work.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Many people say that they see a difference within the first 24-48 hours, although it's safe to say that you'll be able to see a noticeable result within the first 6 days.

What happens if I don't see results? Can I get my money back?

Yes. Although we'll be happy to help you work through whatever challenges you're experiencing, if you prefer. I'm sure you're only investing in this because you 'want' to see a result. So, if for any reason your body is not responding in the typical way, feel free to reach out and our Client Care department will either be able to address your questions or direct them to Master-Trainer Tim or I to answer.

Besides, if you get even half the results of our other clients, you won't be sorry. Go ahead and invest in yourself today:

Just $14, once. (no future charges)
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Look 10 Pounds Lighter
Within The Next 14 Days...

In Just 5-15 Minutes Per Day.

14Day Fat Loss Plan Just $14, once. (no future charges)

...perhaps the secret is that 14 Day Fat Loss Plan is designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has reached millions of people worldwide, and who has had the opportunity to test hundreds of programs across thousands of people in person...

Or maybe the reason is more divine than this.

Be this as it may, nothing touches 14 Day Fat Loss Plan when it comes to rapid fat loss results. It's simply the FASTEST, EASIEST, and BEST way that we know of to lose fat, restore posture, and fix years of eating poorly with 'one' diet rule, in the first six days.

And to make things even better, we've updated the entire program, made it Body-Type Specific, and tested this new method over tens of thousands of clients before introducing it to you today.
Make fat loss simple

Make fat loss simple...

Improve posture

Improve posture...

improve oxygenation to your muscles, your body, and your brain

Improve oxygenation to your muscles, your body, and your brain...

fix lifelong eating habits

Fix lifelong eating habits that lead to inflammation, tiredness, bloating, and digestive strain...

Do less exercise, not more.

These are some the biggest reasons why 14 Day Fat Loss Plan is uniquely powerful and worth a few minutes of effort each day for the next 2 weeks.... although there are more. For example:

Reciprocal inhibition:
reciprocal inhibition

This is when you work equal and opposite muscles, in order to rest one muscle you just worked more efficiently than rest itself, while you work another. In short, there's a greater metabolic effect, which means faster fat loss.


Achieving the proper mindset to drive you towards health -- and nearly immediate results -- requires a bit of a shift in perception. This part's easy, and we go over it in a 15 minute audio... it'll feel like you're done before you even get started.

Heart Rate Stability:
heart rate stability

Teaching your body to react to a particular demand over time, with the same reaction, drives quicker results. Then, you simply increase the demand and adapt once again. Fitness levels skyrocket, and so do results. The only thing is... you have to know how to build the right sequence of exercises to achieve this optimally...

Fulfilling Cravings:
fulfilling cravings

Dieting feels like lack, and thereby is self-defeating. However, 14 Day Fat Loss Plan features a "cheat day" within the first week, which actually stimulates the release of a mother hormone called leptin to decrease fat storage and increase fat metabolism...

Muscle Fiber Preferencing:
muscle fiber preferencing

Certain speeds of movement lead to recruitment of certain muscle fibers. Other speeds lead to recruitment of 'other' muscle fibers; yet, most people don't know how to optimally choose the speed of movement for fat loss. That's why it's so helpful to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist/Exercise Physiologist leading the way...

Epigenetic Optimization:
epigenetic optimization

It's way easier to lose fat and reach your ideal body weight when you know how to prioritize for health. In other words, some Body Types need to focus on their social lives first, while other body types need to focus on eating... and yet other Body Types need to focus on purpose. By defining step one, great health becomes a downhill journey, instead of a fight for survival...

money back guarantee

...and there's more...

Although, what's most important isn't 'how' 14 Day Fat Loss Plan works so well... what's more important than that is that it does work SO well!!!

Go ahead and get your copy today. You'll be backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, which means that you can literally go through 14 Day Fat Loss Plan 4x and still get your money back if you're not satisfied.

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14 Day Fat Loss Plan

Be smart. Exercise less. Eat foods that are delicious. And reset your metabolism -- after a lifetime of eating less than ideally -- in just six days.

Do the right thing. Invest in your health today. Afterall, it's just a $1 a day for the next 2 weeks...

Besides, if you get even half the results of our other clients, you won't be sorry. Go ahead and fill in your information below:

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