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The Nubby

Want To Get Out Of Pain Or
Improve Your Range Of Motion?

The Nubby

New Medical-Grade Massage Device Releases 'Fascia' To Provide Whole Body Relief From Aches, Pains & Limits In Range Of Motion.

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Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri

"Our sole focus is one thing: helping you achieve your health potential with the least amount of effort and time required..."

~ Dr. Kareem F. Samhouri

How We Get Results

New Medical-Grade Massage Device Releases 'Fascia' To Provide Whole Body Relief From Aches, Pains & Limits In Range Of Motion.

If you want to experience relief, resiliency, and feel younger again as you move or recover from injury, we can definitely help. See why this is different and better than anything else you may have tried before.

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Create My Workout

Done-For-You Follow-Along Workouts

Planning and designing effective workouts is hard. Designing good workouts is even harder. We'll do it for you and we'll do it for a bargain.

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My Body Cookbook Recipes


The best place to start is with our book. Within just a few days, you can take stress off of vital internal organs through our detox and ignite your metabolism. Food particles get left in our intestines after eating less than ideal diets, and this causes bloating, gas and inflammation. Eat delicious food, clean out your gut, and rest vital organs to optimize your health. That's the My Body Cookbook way!!



Here are some follow-along workouts and exercise videos related to fat loss, fitness, and posture. Plus, we've included injury prevention, pain relief, and wellness videos to help you have the best possible experience with your health. More added regularly.

Transformation Contest

Transformation Contest

Here's our My Body Transformation Contest, with a $1,000 Grand Prize just for getting in shape. Plus, it includes FREE coaching for everyone who registers.

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Follow-Along and feel great. This is Minimum Effective Dose (MED) Training at its best.... short, simple, bodyweight-only (or simple equipment) workouts you can do from home and experience record-paced results in either fat loss or anti-aging; your choice.



Workout design, fat loss, nutrition and diet advice, and more. Enjoy.

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Cheaters Guide

Want To Detox, Lose Some Weight, & Feel Better?

You need to read our book.

My Body Solved Programs

Professional Credentials

Of Dr. Kareem Samhouri & The My Body Solved Team:

Dr. Kareem Samhouri

Dr. Kareem Samhour is known as (perhaps) the best Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist on the internet. People come to him for results when other methods fail, injury gets in the way, or health situation is more complicated.

Dr. Kareem Samhouri exercising

In fact, he and his companies reach a combined total of 1.5 MILLION people on a daily basis to help them with their health. If you ever saw Dr. Kareem on the street and mentioned something was going on with your health, however, he would volunteer and offer to help you for free... that's the Dr. Kareem way.

Chef Mark

Chef Mark is an expert in personalized nutrition and cooking foods in a way that makes you crave good-for-you food. He is also behind multiple bodybuilder champions who have won Ms. Universe and more. Chef Mark has also cooked for royal families, household names, and celebrity influencers.

Together, we form one of the greatest and most effective coaching teams on the internet. And perhaps the best part is that we provide this coaching for free, so there's no risk to evaluate us for yourselves.

And then it will be up to you if you invest in any of our products, programs, or transformation-based programs. No pressure either way; we are here to help.